About Us

Company Profile

We are a GOOD EARTH group company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Vibratory equipment, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Flexible Shaft Drive, and Vibratory Stress Relieving Equipment in India.

We are a 45 years old company started with manufacturing of Flexible shafts and Flexible Shaft machines. Since then the company has never looked back and due to continues development, as per customer’s requirements, this company has developed into a multi products. company catering to three major industries sections that is, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Packaging, Vibrators and Vibratory Equipment.

To Support our Activities, the group owns about 3500 Sq. Ft. of manufacturing premises and about 1000 sq. ft. of administration and marketing offices in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. The company is financially very sound and has qualified and trained technical work force.