Useful in operations like mixing kneading, emulsifying, colour distribution, aerating, blending of different materials, can be acheived effeciently by use of Planetary mixers. CYCLONE Planetary Mixer are specially engineered to meet the needs of operations of small volumes of 50 to 100 litres. The beater arm is designed for optimum effeciency and output without generating frictional heat between the bowl and beater. Besides, charging and discharging of material under process is quick. The bowl can be jacketted for cooling and heating and also provided with a conical cover to avoid dusting and spillage.
  • Pharmaceuticals, powders, granules, ointments, gelatine, cosmetics, food and confectionaries, soaps, and insecticides formulations, rubber, colours, and pigments, plastics.
Special Features:
  • All contact parts in SS 304 quality SS 316 optional.
  • Machine portable and compact in design - requires no foundation.
  • Machine can be operated at 2 speeds.
  • The mixing bowl can be easily retracted from the machine for washing, cleaning and transporting mixed materials.
  • Manual lifting arrangement of bowl.
  • Special combination of Planetary/ beater speeds. (Optional)
  • Different designs and shapes of mixing beaters available for specific processes.
  • Flameproof construction of electrical optional for mixing with inflammable solvents
Model CY PLM-50 CY PLM-50
Gross Capacity 50 litres 100 litres
Working Capacity Up to 40 litres Up to 80 litres
Bowl Dimension 460 mm Dia. * 410 ht 508 mm Dia. * 550 ht
Bowl Shape Hemisperical Bottom Hemisperical Bottom
Beater Types Heart / Hook / Cage Heart / Hook / Cage
Motor 415V / 3ph 50C/ S / AC 2 HP (Dual Speed) 5 HP (Dual Speed)