High speed Disperser can be used for high speed dispersion, homogenization of high viscous liquid or pasty material. The Disperser is complete with standard electric motor. 3phase 220V, 380 V and flame proof construction is available as per requirement. The contact parts are manufactured from SS 304/ SS316/ SS316L construction as per requirement. The high speed homogenisers can be manufactured as per GMP norms for pharmaceuticals or Bio applications. Two different speeds are available 2800 and 1400 rpm for various application and volume. Different types of impeller like saw tooth cutter are used for various dispersing application. Different mounting arrangements like flange mount, hanger mount are available. The mixers can be mounted on specially designed heavy duty fabricated lifting lowering stand for ease of operation.
Model H.P. k.w. R.P.M. Length mm
HSD037-2 0.5 0.37 2800 L
HSD037-4 0.5 0.37 1400 L
HSD075-2 1 0.75 2800 L
HSD075-4 1 0.75 1400 L
HSD150-2 2 1.5 2800 L
HSD150-4 2 1.5 1400 L
HSD220-2 3 2.2 2800 L
HSD220-4 3 2.2 1400 L
HSD370-2 5 3.7 2800 L
HSD370-4 5 3.7 1400 L