VIBRANT vibrating Tables are designed to settle and compact dry material in various types of containers. Their application provides either a sizable increase in the net weight of the containers or reduction in the containers size with subsequent saving in shipping and storage space. VIBRANT Vibrating Tables are available in two types Electromagnetic & Electromechanical. The choice of the proper type and model depends upon the characteristics of the material or object being handled. Its reaction to vibration, the maximum weight to be handled and the application. The vibratory motion of VIBRANT Electromechanic Vibrating tables is particularly suited for setting granular to coarse materials. It is also very effective for handling wide range of products & applications Electromechanical Vibrating Tables are available in different models with maximum capacities upto 1000 Kg. & more Electromechanical vibrators, with their low frequency and high amplitude. produce an elliptical vibratory motion. These Vibrating Table are ideally suitable for all the applications mentioned in the front. The rotary vibrator drives are sturdily constructed and incorporate extra-heavy duty bearings for extended service life. The drives are totally enclosed & dust tight.  
Model Deck size (Inches) Capacity to vibrate VPM HP
VT-3144 24*24 100Kg 1400 0.25
VT-3144 36*36 200Kg 1400 0.5
VT-3114 36*36 400Kg 1400 1
VT-3214 48*48 1000Kg 1400 1.5

* 440 Volts, 3-Phase, 50 Cycle, Rotary Vibrator