Electro Magnetic Vibratory feeders
The electromagnetic design & rugged construction of VIBRANT Feeders offer parallel durability and reliability. There are no mechanical parts such as gears, cams, eccentrics or bearings to require lubrication and eventually wear out. A Vibratory Feeder is a volumetric flow device. With all VIBRANT Feeders a controller is provided to enable the operator to control the rate of flow of material just by knob. All VIBRANT Feeder operates at 3000 VPM. The capacity of standard feeders are given in the table below and is based on handling dry sand, or coarse material weighing 1600 kgs/m3 . The capacity will reduce with lighter and or finer material and will increase with heavier material.
  • Will handle hot or abrasive materials.
  • Will handle fragile materials (Potato Chips etc.) without degradation.
  • Smooth continuous through-no jamming of material.
  • Can D8 eas enclosed ever at transfer points.
  • Can perform special operations i magnetic separation, heating, cooling, drying, etc.)
  • Offers completely adjustable control of rate of flow of material.
  • Minimum safety hazard to persons working on or near feeder. The electromagnetic design & rugged.
Model Trough Size W * L (mm) Capacity* T/hr. Power Watts
VVF-0 50*300 0.3 30
VVF-2 100*450 1 50
VVF-5 150*500 3 100
VVF-10 200*500 5 150
VVF-20 250*600 15 250