VIBRANT vibrating Tables are designed to settle and compact dry material in various types of containers. Their application provides either a sizable increase in the net weight of the containers or reduction in the containers size with subsequent saving in shipping and storage space. VIBRANT Vibrating Tables are available in two types Electromagnetic & Electromechanical. The choice of the proper type and model depends upon the characteristics of the material or object being handled. Its reaction to vibration, the maximum weight to be handled and the application. VIBRANT Electromagnetic Vibrating Tables are the most versatile and widely used Vibrating Tables. The high speed (3000vmp) of these tables, coupled with a controlled low-amplitude that does not exceed 1.0 mm linear vibration, produces a gentle settling action. Through that action the coefficient of friction of the material is reduced. As the particles settle, the entrapped air is more readily removed. The amplitude of the vibration can be regulated to suit the characteristic of the material being handled by means of a separate control box. Models VT 100 through VT 500 are heavy duty industrial units: designed with sturdy steel framework and decks. The model VT 50 is primarily used for laboratory and light duty packing applications.  
Model Deck size (Inches) Capacity to vibrate Power*(watts)
VT-50 14*20 15Kg 50
VT-100 20*20 50Kg 100
VT-200 30*30 100Kg 200
VT-500 30*30 200Kg 500

*230 Volts, 50 Cycle, 1 Phase, Electromagnetic Vibrator