Virtually any machining operation, turning, milling, facing, boring, drilling, shaping, punching, etc. leaves burr or sharp edge on the component. If these components are manufactured in bulk on production basis, they need fast deburring techniques. VIBRANT has following major advantages over conventional Barreling Tumbling :
  • The process is much more faster due to 100% cycle time utilization.
  • The motion is gentle, so delicate parts can be processed without any distortion.
  • Easy and Fast loading and unloading with possibility of stage inspection for better overall process control.
  • Finishing chemicals can be recirculated to achieve the best results. VIBRANT is used for deburring. Descaling. Derusting. Radiousing. Finishing Brightening. Polishing etc.
Principle of Operation
Cyclone vibratory finishing equipment uses a bowl mounted on a sturdy frame. The components to be processed are loaded into the bowl along with the special deburring ceramic media. The bowl along with the material inside is vibrated at specific frequency. amplitude and waveform. This in turn generates spiral motion of media and material which in turn finishes the material.  
Model (Ltrs.) Bowl Vol. Motor (H.P) Vibratory
CBF 15 15 0.5
CBF 30 30 1.0
CBF 100 100 1.5
CBF 180 180 2.0
CBF 250 250 3.0
CBF 430 430 5.0
CBF 625 625 5.0