Cheque Jogger
Check jogging is often overlooked in high-volume check scanning operations; however, it can have a tremendous impact in lowering costs and improving results. Proper alignment of larger batches of checks can reduce operator keying due to skewed items and jammed items in the track, and can improve the overall throughput of any check scanner. The VCJ-04 is an inexpensive device that will provide an immediate return on investment for your high-volume check scanning environment. The use of Check Joggers in item processing will reduce the number of check processing errors in high speed check readers and sorters. Check joggers are a basic key component to running successful batches of items through any size check scanner. Every check processing center should have a check jogger installed by each check reader/sorter.  
  • Fast and efficient operation with adjustable control
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Proven Reliability
  • Simple Operation - No Special Training Required
  • Self Cleaning
  • Banking (Check Joggers)
  • Mailroom and Post Offices
  • Newspapers
  • Printing and Graphic Arts
  • Other Industries